Founder's Note



Dear Reader,


I want to share with you our motivation for starting Wintage and the sense of purpose that keeps us going.

As much as I think about company’s growth and profits, I wonder why Wintage exists. ? Are we making our community a tad bit better? What is the point of it all ? Our family expenses are taken care of even if we sell 50 clothes a day. Surely there should be a bigger purpose behind aiming for 500 / 5000 / 50000 daily orders beyond revenues and profits. 

There is no dearth of companies selling awesome clothing at premium prices. However, the benefit of a higher price doesn’t trickle down to the tailor. 

If we can somehow create a business model wherein the tailors are able to earn at least ₹30,000, we would serve a greater purpose above and beyond increasing our personal wealth. By offering 50% above the market rate for tailoring and being able to control quality and production output, and offsetting that extra cost with direct to customer marketing and eliminating all middlemen, we are achieving that purpose.        

My father believes that finer fashion should be available to the mass market, because it’s possible with cost control and industry experience; and there should be a no-pretence approach to fashion.

Clothing should not be a tool for social validation and customers should get the finest their money can buy.

Trust us. It’s possible to sell a fine premium cotton shirt under ₹999, a pure linen blazer for ₹4000, and a cotton kurta under ₹999. We believe in making it possible with a customer-centric approach.

We retail to customers directly all across the world through our website in India and Amazon USA and European marketplaces, and are blessed to have 5 lakh+ happy customers across US, India, Germany and UK.

Try our clothes once, and we assure you'll be a fan forever.  

Best Regards,