About us

Wintage is an emerging clothing brand combining craftsmanship with flair. Our aim is to make quality clothing accessible and affordable. While luxury brands keep their prices high to project themselves as a symbol of social distinction, we keep our prices fair to let more people experience the joy of wearing a chic garment.

We perform all the garment related operations- cutting, fusing, stitching, washing and pressing- in house and sell our clothes directly to the customers eliminating all middlemen.

With the rise of a sharp, aesthetic sartorial, it is indeed a great time for menswear as people are becoming more conscious of their personal style. At Wintage, we seek to complement your inner style with our diverse selection of suits and jackets for every occasion. With over 200 designs across multiple sizes, you will surely find what you are looking for.

All our fabrics are hand-picked by the founders, putting the rigor at the very first and most essential step of garmenting.

Specialist tailors address different aspects of tailoring. Some qualify as coat artisans, others work only on waistcoats and evening wear, which require a different approach.


Our attention to detail is such that the linings, lapels, pockets and cuffs are aesthetically appealing and durable. Indian styled blazers go with velvet buttons, giving them a festive look. Blazers and Suits are fused with high quality satin to give a sturdy look to the chest. We opt for more work intensive, longer tailoring techniques and use old, heavy irons, weighing more than 5 kg to give the final touch to the garments.

All our artisans come with atleast 10 years of experience in the clothing industry, truly bringing the craft to your garments.

Win With Wintage!