Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt
Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt
Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt
Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt
Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt

Linen Cotton Multicolored Stripe Shirt


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  • 70% Linen, 30% Cotton|Wash Care- Hand Wash Recommended
  • Tailored Fit
  • Recommended Wear- South Asian Traditional, Festive, Party, Casual, Evening and other occasions as preferred by the customer
  • Patch Pocket

"I have replaced half my #shirts with #Linen! The texture and feel of natural fabrics are superb. " Most of our customers

Linen is a natural fabric. The yarn is made from the fibre of the #flax plant instead of being made in a factory synthetically.

This shirt is made by blending 70% Linen and 30% Cotton. Amongst the tropical regions in the west, Linen has quickly replaced cotton and synthetic shirts as the preferred choice because of its cooling properties, higher strength than cotton and quick drying. 

While buying Linen, one must ask the fabric composition and fineness of the linen in terms of LEA. The more the Linen, the better and more expensive the fabric. The higher the "lea" count, the finer the clothing. We use 60 LEA in our shirts which is the industry standard. 

We buy our Linens in bulk from Surat and Ahmedabad, make them precisely in our Noida Factory, and sell to customers in India and abroad, eliminating all middlemen. 

Proudly making in India, for the world. 

    Shipping is charged at 10$ for the USA, 15$ for Europe and Canada and 25$ for other regions. The transit time is 4-9 days for all orders. All the parcels are shipped via DHL and FedEx providing end-to-end tracking. 

    We have return warehouses in the US ( Hardin County, Illinois ) and INDIA ( Noida, UP ) for easy returns.

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    best of both worlds

    The softness and smoothless of cotton resolves the stiffness of linen. Linen's wrinkling is offset by blending with cotton.

    All our Linen Blends are procured from India's leading composite mills.

    superior machinery

    Automated machinery for collar, cuff, button-hole etc for perfect finish and stitch

    threads & buttons

    Superior raw materials sourced for durability and elegance

    NO poly/viscose/LYCRA
    No Artificial fabrics

    Polyester ( or other artificial fabrics ) is cheap, but is one of the worst fabrics for the human skin as well as the environment. It is basically a plastic-like material made from coal, oil, and water.

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