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Wintage is a men’s clothing brand. We make Western Style Suits, Blazers, Waistcoats, Vest-Pant sets and Indian Styled Bandhgalas/Jodhpuris, Nehru Jackets and Kurta Pajamas 

There are a plethora of brands selling what we sell! We don't exist because the world needs another clothing brand. 


We exist because we FIRMLY BELIEVE we are one of the FEW brands which sell superior quality clothes at reasonable prices. 

Most brands, most often, provide one of the two things- a high quality garment ( at a high price ) or an affordable garment ( but cheap quality ). 

We provide both! 


We make our products in our own factory in Noida, and directly retail the products worldwide. 


The company is vertically integrated! From cutting to packing- everything is done in-house. We have state-of-the-art machinery for cutting, stitching, fusing, button hole and ironing.  

Our purchases- of fabrics, fusing material, and other things happen in bulk thus providing best rates! 

We believe in a down-to-earth approach in fashion, and are of the opinion that high quality apparels should be accessible to everyone and not only the select few who can afford to spend 2-3 times the right price. 

Typically the Supply Chain is- 

Manufacturer- Merchandiser - Whole-seller / Importer - Retailer - Customer

Add to this the HUGE running costs of operating a retail store!  And, there is dead inventory at each step of the process!

Our Supply Chain -

Manufacturer- Customer

We have no dead inventory!

We make the apparels after we receive the order, for most designs. The hot-selling designs are manufactured before-hand! 

And unlike major "made-to-measure" brands, we don't take 2-3 weeks to get the garment ready. We have the entire machinery in-house and get your garments ready in 36 hours!

 We have a simple goal- provide customers the best quality garment in their budget!



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