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The Evergreen Khadi Fabric

Khadi is one fabric which spellc class and sophistication. Khadi is a very well-known fabric in India and surrounding areas. Essentially khadi is a hand woven fabric. The khadi fabric which is woven from hemp is found in India. While khadi woven from cotton and silk is found in surrounding countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.  

Khadi is unique in its own way, it can be moulded to create any type of garment. Khadi can also be used in any season. Unlike some fabrics which can only be worn in either winter or summer khadi can be worn all throughout the year without any discomfort.

Khadi also has historical significance. All of us have read about this fabric which formed a part of the Indian independence movement. The britishers used to take the cotton from India, use it to manufacture garments and sell the same garments in India again at exorbitant prices, which led to the birth of the swadeshi movement.

Khadi a part of this movement and was used as a way to make clothing in India rather than buying the expensive clothes from Britain. This movement was also a way to generate employment and empower the rural folk. Khadi is one fabric which is eco-friendly, which has made it very famous in today’s conscious world.

Khadi in Indian wear

Khadi is mostly used to make the staple indian kurta and pajama. This set has one long shirt like garment with slits on the side and a bottom which has a relaxed look. This set is worn by both men and women in India and is considered a staple traditional attire of India.

The Khadi fabric is not just a plain solid fabric this fabric can be printed on and even used to create embroidered garments making them a little formal. Usually these are used to make salwar-kameez and kurta pajama sets for women and men respectively because they offer both a classy and sophisticated look and are also very comfortable to wear. People also use this for shirts and sarees but that is less popular because of the certain look that is needed from sarees and shirts.

Khadi fabric is stiff and starched and thus is the perfect material to make bags. This material can be used to make bags for women which can be in different styles from classic totes to fancy slings. Khadi bags look perfect with both indian and western wear. They can even be used to enhance the overall look when the bags are printed or embroidered.


Khadi kurta and pajama sets give out the rustic traditional vibe. They give the impression of understated elegance. Thus, these outfits should be kept simple and understated as they are supposed to be. Combining these with some kolhapuri slippers and classic mojris will complete the look to perfection.

Women can combine their ethnic khadi clothing with similar footwear like mojris. Women should wear classic silver oxidised jewelry to actually look elegant and rustic in their khadi attire.

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