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Navy Suit - Wearing it More Casually

In the last post here, we talked about why your first suit should be a navy suit. It is versatile and is like a perfect canvas for a variety of occasions and situations. You could crank up the attire by including other accessories like belts, ties etc but it is not usually worn down.

That’s why we have explained a few ways by which you can wear a navy suit casually.

  1. Denim Shirt – This is one of those things to be added to the wardrobe, if you already don’t have one. From lighter to dark, there are a range of options available but you should go with the one in the middle color-wise. Just ditch the tie for this one and step out. You are awesome.

navy suit casual

  1. Pocket Squares – The basic rule of the thumb is to pick up the ones which are white, solid cotton square or the ones with some dots. The thing is, they work with everything. But whenever you are feeling it, you can choose the ones with some different prints or shades. They come unexpectedly good.

casual navy suit style

  1. Sporty Watch – Simple and Classy. That is how your watch should be. But it doesn’t hurt have to some other watches too. Isn’t it? So, the next time you take the watch out of the closet, choose the sportier one.

how to wear casual navy suit

  1. Loafers – To finish the look, you can go with the loafers. Hence this look with denim shirt sans the tie along with the loafers gives you a good dose of casual ease.

This is something to be tried once.Tell us how you pulled it of!

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