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Kurtas for this Eid

Eid is one of the most celebrated festivals globally, it is the time to put on your finest. Eid is the time to wear ethnic wear and bedazzle everyone with a traditional look. Everyone is super excited about Eid and no matter what they always get new clothes designed and stitched for this festival.

Men for years have been adorning the classic kurta pajama on Eid and it is the best way to look ethnic, classic and stylish. Men all over the world splurge on kurta’s during Eid. SO much so that women apparel designers also release a special kurta collection for men owing the high demand.

There is so much out there in the market that you might come back confused and tired. So Wintage has listed the types of kurtas men can wear this Eid. Often you might see kurtas with gaudy embroidery and loud colors. Just because Eid is a festival, you can look both stylish and subtle, while keeping the ethnic look in mind.

Originally kurta designs were kept to a minimal and the cuts were classic. That is what you should go for, a classic  and subtle kurta will make you look perfect this Eid. The ideal kurta should have a one color a classic cut and should be loose fit.

Earthy Colors

Nothing screams classic like an earthy color kurta. These have basic brown tones look good on everyone. What makes them the best is that they look perfect in the summer. These will give you a classic ethnic look without much fuss.

Khadi Kurtas

Khadi is the fabric that has a huge history attached to it. It is the ideal fabric to go back to the roots of ethnicity and look stylish while doing it. This is the perfect fabric for a kurta for this Eid

The classic white

White kurta pajamas have an aura and classiness about themselves, they are serene and just scream calmness. This is what makes them perfect for a festival like Eid


Subtle embroidery

A little embroidery on a basic color is what makes a perfect kurta for this Eid. However don’t go for loud embroidery with a bright base color that can make you look a little out of place.

So there you have it do this Eid in lots of style and fashion.

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