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Jodhpuris for Men

A Bandhgala often referred to as a Jodhpuri is also fondly called a garment adorned by royalty. A Bandhgala is a versatile garment which can be worn to any occasion from a fancy soiree to a wedding, to complete any look with a sense of sophistication. What makes these Bandhgalas special is that they suit any body type and create a complete royal look with little effort.

A bandhgala with a pocket scarf is the perfect formal attire and has established itself as the ultimate asian style. This jacket is not only the perfect formal attire but it can also be worn for casual occasions when paired with denims.

This Bandhgala can be traced down to history when it was worn by princes but now this jacket has become a style statement across the globe.



To look like royalty in a Bandhgala you need to ensure that the fit is perfect. A Bandhgala has a high-cut armhole fits like a glove around the chest. Your Bandhgala should mould itself to your body and fit you like a second skin.

The length of the jacket has to be according to the height of the person adorning it. However, your bandhgala should be a little longer than where your wrist rests when you stand with your arms against your body. Make sure the jacket is not too loose, too long or too short that defeats the purpose of wanting to look like royalty.

Ideally you should pair your bandhgala with a mandarin collared shirt underneath which will ensure both comfort and style.



A classic Bandhgala is usually the perfect outfit for weddings and other traditional occasions. Wintage has kept the traditional essence of this traditional outfit making it as it should be- a button down with big round buttons. Though at Wintage we know that sometimes everything needs to have an edge and somethings need a little dash of modern touch which is why some of our Bandhgalas have a unique touch making them stand out.


You can experiment with the color of the jacket according to your preference and the occasion but you can definitely style your Bandhgala with some cufflinks and a pocket square. You can even choose appropriate footwear and a belt mead with fine leather to complete the look.


You can choose from several patterns, you can opt for jewelled buttons with subtle or no embroidery. Alternatively you can even opt for a completely embroidered and patterned Bandhgala.



A Bandhgala  can also be worn for a formal occasion, these Bandhgalas are usually made in materials like khadi, wool cashmere or marka silk. Now Bandhgalas are also made in fabrics like linen, cotton linen and chino apart from the regular wool based fabrics. To add a touch of sophistication these can also be made in a fine italian suiting fabric.

The versatile Bandhgala can be styled to suit the taste and character of each individual.

Wintage Jodhpuri

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