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How to stay fit during the wedding season?

Wedding season is the time for fun, family time and lots and lots of delicious food. During weddings you tend to forget about your daily diet and restrictions and want to enjoy the scrumptious meals without limitations. You tend you savour the chaat from the chaat counters and the amazing spread of desserts. Here is how you can stay fit during the wedding season.

Always get your workout

No matter how late you get always get your workout to keep your fitness level intact. If you are attending a destination wedding you can definitely get a workout at the hotel or resort gym or even go for a swim. If none of those are available you can get in a quick jog before the wedding shenanigans.

Plan of action

Most people often get carried away when enjoying with friends and family, so you need a plan beforehand. Most people suggest eating healthy during the night with a soup or a salad and having a nice healthy fulfilling meal during the day. You can even pencil in a cheat meal once a week to not binging when you actually decide to eat. Eat smart so that you don’t regret it later.


What is your favorite?

At weddings there is a main course, desserts, cocktails and so much more. If you decide to have it all, it is going to be a bad idea for your diet, you can decide what you want to eat and actually savor that. You might get the same main course in every wedding so you can savor a tempting dessert a delicious cocktail whatever gets your taste buds tingling.


The passing appetizers can be tempting but they are also not very good for your diet. You should consider eating healthier appetizers like a paneer tikka or roasted or grilled appetizers, you can eat some veggies. But you should definitely avoid the the appetizers which have cheese or are fried, even if you decide to indulge in these don’t eat more than a couple.


Sugary drinks are a no-no

Sugary drinks with soda or fruit juices have a lot of calories and you should definitely avoid these because they make you feel bulgy and bloated in the morning. Instead use water or something low calorie as a mixer and don’t for get to limit your drinks. You can even go the healthy route and have a green tea with lemon instead on indulging.

Dance it out

Hit the dance floor and burn some calories, you can burn all those useless calories by getting on the dance floor and dancing to a few of your favorite beats.

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