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Why your First Suit should be a Navy Suit

Ohh. So, it’s time to buy your first suit finally.

It might be for a wedding or any other party. But you do want it to be useful for other occasions too. Right? So, here’s what we think. Navy suit would be the perfect fit for your wardrobe.

Why not? It is so versatile and it fits whenever wanted.

Here’s why we think that a Navy suit is a must add to your wardrobe:

1. Wear it anywhere

People have different dresses for different occasions but think of any dress code and navy suits will fit anywhere in. Going for an interview? Sport a black tie and make a bold and confident statement. Going for somewhat casual? Wear a patterned shirt with your suit.

2. Dress it the way you like

A navy suit is like a blank slate and you can modify as per your need. A t-shirt and clean white sneakers with it will give you a perfect summer casual look while a solid white shirt along with striped tie will give you the perfect look for that meeting.

3. Matches with anything!

A navy suit is incredibly easy to match accessories with in terms of color. As men’s wardrobe is primarily dominated by shades of black, grey and tan, the navy suit acts a perfect compliment.

4. Wear it separately

Don’t let your imagination limit you. Get a good navy suit and you can also wear it as a jacket with your light-wash denims, chinos or the good ol’ trousers. You can also wear a polo shirt. The opportunities are just endless.

Want to get started? Check out the Navy Suit here.

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