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7 Reasons you should buy a Wintage Kurta Pajama!

1. There are many solid colors, not just the traditional black and white!

Wintage Kurta Pajama in many colors


2. And some awesome textures like Khadi and Stripes

Wintage Khadi Kurta Pajama


3. Wear shades with it and you're all set :)

Wintage Blue Kurta Pajama


4. If combined with our Modi Jacket, you're good to attend a marriage event

Wintage Nehru Jacket in many colors


5. You can use them as sleep sets!

Comfortable Kurta Pajamas


6. If you wear a Turban, Kurta Pajama will make you look your ethnic best

Wintage Sikh Kurta Pajama



Wintage Black Kurta Pajama



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