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6 Ways to wear your Blazer

Blazer is the most versatile piece of clothing a man can have. It enhances your looks- projecting your shoulders broadly and slimmimg the midsection- and gives a macho appeal overall. With a lot of pockets to store your belongings, the load on shoulders is lightened. And if a woman friend feels cold, you can remove your blazer and make her warm ;)

Let us see the 6 ways to wear your blazer!

  1. Shirt with Tie

This can never go wrong. Level up this classic pairing by wearing a tie that pops out. Choose a shirt with a low tone colour for this one.

  1. Sweaters

Wintage Blazer

You can wear a sweater or a cardigan underneath your blazer to add that texture and air of sophistication.

  1. Oxford

Wintage Blazer

Oxford provide a more casual look than the formal shirts. You can pair it with any blazer for the perfect occasion.

  1. Jeans

Wintage Blazer

A pair dark, washed jeans will go a long way in changing your look in blazer. Give it an unexpected twist with different tones of jeans!

  1. Polo

Wintage Blazer

If you are out with friends then you can definitely try wearing a polo shirt! It gives you a sportier look while looking all casual.

  1. V-neck t-shirt

Wintage Blazer

If you are up for all casual then a good v-neck tee looks super cool with the blazer. It adds a chic feel to it!

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