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5 Styles to wear Blazers for Men

It can’t be denied that blazer is a must have for any guy’s wardrobe. Casuals or Formals, be it any occasion, if pulled off right it can act as a perfect companion to any of your outfits. So, guys here are some of the styles you can consider having a look on before you leave for that meeting or the party with your friends.  Women, if you are reading this then you can probably help your guy dress well for the occasion!


  1. Casual Business
Wintage Linen Blazer

Summers doesn’t mean that you can’t try on that fabulous blazers. Linen and Cotton fabric blazers are perfect for the sweaty months. This type of fabric is cool and lightweight thus making it an ideal outfit for casual wear.  You can put on the brightest color for the summers but if you want to play it safe then you can for neutral shades too!


  1. Woolly Winters

 Wintage Blazer

We love winters because woolen is your best friend then. Wool comes blended in various types of fabric like polyester, cotton, silk etc. So, it all comes down to your choice in the end... whether you’d want it light on your pocket or you want it superior comfortable. You can also choose to level up the game by wearing chinos with your woolen blazer.


  1. Keep it Formal

 Wintage Blazer

If you like it to be sharp and serious then you just need to pair your favorite blazer with a nice shirt, pant and a tie. It gives you a polished look and it can never go wrong because it is the classic pairing.


  1. Go Denim

 Wintage Denim Blazer

There are times when you’d just want to stand out from the rest but not be that loud. Denim blazers are the way to go in such cases. You can throw in your favourite shirt and can also wear jeans with loafers to get ready for your hangouts.

If you prefer to keep your blazer classy, you can wear a nice pair of dark washed jeans to dress up the casual look.


  1. Try Velvet
Wintage Velvet Blazer

If you are aiming to get than vintage look then you should definitely try a velvet blazer. In colors like maroon, camel and navy blue you will rock that traditional look perfectly. Though many few people try it out but if worn correctly, it looks no less than the others.

There are many different types of blazers out there with the double-breasted and two-buttons being the classic. So, keep in mind the occasion and plan your dress accordingly.

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